Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hiking Bergeys Mill Park

Bergeys Mill Park is a small township park located in Lower Salford Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The park has two access points, one near the top of Bergeys Mill Road and the other just before crossing the Bergeys Mill Road bridge coming from the east down the hill. The upper entrance provides beautiful vistas of Lower Salford, Lower Frederick, and beyond including the back side of Spring Mountain just outside of Schwenksville. There was once a steep trail that descended the grassy hillside meadow from the parking area down the nearly 150 foot hill around the reservoir to the Perkiomen Creek, However recently the township has begun a construction project and that trail is currently closed.

View of Spring Mountain from the upper parking area at Bergey's Mill Park

View of the hiking trail from near the reservoir (No longer exists)

The lower entrance is a gravel road that after about 300 yards leads to a parking area near the edge of the Perkiomen Creek east branch. There are foot worn trails along the edge of the Perkiomen heading north out of the parking area. These trails provide a beautiful level 4/10ths of a mile hike along the eastern edge of the creek allowing wonderful views of the 50+ foot rock cliffs on the opposite side of the creek. Of course these trails are prone to flooding and care should be taken to avoid the area if the water level in the creek is above normal. The 4/10ths of a mile of trails ends when the creek reaches a small divide. Beyond this point is no longer a part of the park. Of course then there is the additional 4/10ths of a mile back to the parking area. It's a beautiful 30 minute hike, a little longer if some stopping for photography is involved. Here are several shots I took along that trail.

Bergeys Mill in the Perkiomen Valley (East Branch)

Bold Autumn Colors in Bergeys Mill Park

Looking North up the Perkiomen Creek East Branch

A small flock of Mallard Ducks

Interesting Red Fungi amidst green moss

The Rock Wall on the Western Side of the Perkiomen

A Beautiful Small Waterfall

Some Neat White Fungi

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of Bergeys Mill Park. It is amazing how many beautiful places like this we have so close to home.

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