Monday, November 24, 2008

Most Amazing Places I've Never Been #1

Most Amazing Places I've Never Been is a series of the most amazing places in the world I've never been but would some day like to visit.

Homathco Camp
British Columbia, Canada

"The most breathtaking scenery in the world...

Greatest fly fishing on the entire West Coast...

Exciting river rafting and kayaking...

Hiking trails, wilderness exploration..."

Nestled in the heart of the Homalco Indian Reserve in the breathtakingly beautiful Homathco River canyon at the end of the Bute Inlet is a small getaway called Homathco Camp. Surrounded by some of the most stunning views in the world, this little paradise is probably one of British Columbia's best kept secrets. The site itself offers the conveniences we all love from home such as running water, heated rooms, 3 warm meals a day, a nice big hot tub, and so much more. But the real reason to visit would be to get out and enjoy the splendors which nature has provided.

"Homathko is located at the end of a stretch of water called the Bute Inlet, which cuts into the Sunshine Coast of Western British Columbia. We offer transportation to this idyllic location either by seaplane or land plane."

The Homathco River:
The Homathco River itself is a glacial river, that is the majority of the waters that flow through it are melt off from nearby glaciers. Although I probably wouldn't be interested in participating myself, it is said that some of the best fly fishing in the world is right here on the banks of this marvelous river. The outdoor enthusiast can also spend a little time or an entire day rafting or kayaking on these sparkling waters.

"The Homathko River is a great place for kayaking and canoeing. If a challenge is more your style, the north end of the river is a world-class Class V Kayaking area. The trip down from Tatlayoko Lake to the head of Bute Inlet takes 4 days, and includes two portages.

But if you just want to drift down the river on a lazy afternoon, you can do that too!"

The Coastal Mountains:
The camp and Indian reservation are located in a panoramic river valley surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. These enormous peaks stretch from nearly sea level to over ten thousand feet into the sky. This feature allows this area some of the most awesome vertical faces in North America. Hikers can venture through the valley and the foothills for a light afternoon or take the full day and hike up into the mountains to view the glaciers first hand. Rock climbing enthusiasts are sure to have one of their most challenging and rewarding climbs on the faces of these majestic mountains.

"Southwestern British Columbia is considered a "temperate rainforest". Nowhere is this more true than the Bute Inlet and Sunshine Coast area. Homathko has many trails that range in difficulty from a stroll through the forest to a day-long hike up from the base of Bute Mountain to the Homathko Glacier.

The mountains in the Homathko region are the tallest in British Columbia. For those desiring a tougher challenge, Bute Mountain is considered by climbers to be one of the 10 most challenging climbs in the world. With 9,000 vertical feet, it has the tallest vertical rise of any mountain in North America."

Photographic Tour:
Photographs are all linked to their respective owners. Clicking on them to view them in all of their glorious beautiful detail with take you to the owner's site and is strongly encouraged!

This Photographic Tour is provided to give you a preview and feel for how truly amazing this place really is. However beautiful the photographs though, I am sure none can come close to how awesome this place really must be.

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